Taking a 15 minute break from work can help increase focus and concentration which in return helps work productivity and creativity. Taking breaks also relieves stress which helps improve employee mental health and wellbeing. Getting up to take a 15 minute yoga break gives you an opportunity to stretch tired muscles to help you find relief from sustained positions and poor posture. A break allows space for you to retain any information you’ve learned in the last hour which in return improves your job performance and employee positivity.

Yoga creates many benefit in the mind, body, and soul. Mentally yoga can increase clarity and calmness, it sharpens attention and concentration, and it relaxes the mind. Physically, yoga helps ease back pain and arthritic symptoms, improves heart health by increasing circulation and decreasing blood pressure, and it improves sleep by helping you relax and release stress patterns. Yoga improves mental and physical strength, balance and flexibility which releases blockages in the mind and the body. When you are flexible with your thinking and you build strength within yourself you begin to heal the soul.

Everyone can use a break from time to time, taking a 15 minute yoga break every 90 minutes will allow you to recharge and reevaluate your goals. Many people believe that pushing through the grind is the most productive way to achieving productivity goals, but that often leads to burn out and health issues down the road. We must give to ourselves in order to keep giving to others. The healthier the tree is, the more nourishing and sweet the fruit becomes. Take some time for you today and remember that your worthy of the time it takes to be healthy and well.

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