Much like water life must flow too, to keep its essence alive. Water always finds a way: It ,may cut through, circumvent, overflows, or percolate but water is patient. its is strong and soft, persistent yet it rests, it crashes and yet it is the eternal giver of life.

Water encourages us to be bold, to make a splash and venture to new shores, it teaches us to be yielding, to be purposeful, and to be harmonious with the natural flow of life. Water helps us reflect on our own internal world and heal the wounds of our past, it cleanses the energy of the day away and helps us start anew.

Water has a unique ability for openness, it is constantly changing, open to learning and adapting. You will never be able to step into the same running river twice. The water is changed by the time you take your next step. We can apply this openness to our own lives, we just need to be open for everything and have a curious nature about learning new ways of being and seeing things.

Water inspires freedom and choice, it always finds a solution without force or conflict and teaches us harmony with our environment. Water is formless, it does not allow itself to be trapped into one shape or form, instead it becomes the shape and form that it is given. If one wishes to adapt to the qualities of water we must not trap ourselves with mindset and beliefs and instead we should adapt to situations, growth and change. As Bruce Lee once said, you must empty your mind, be formless, shapeless and adapt like water.

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